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Essential Coal Price Data in Excel Format for your company's Analysts, Buyers, Marketing Managers, Sales Executives, Traders, Brokers....

e-coal.com is the only consistent source of Prompt Physical Spot Price Data for the 11 major thermal or steam coal spot markets around the world. These markets have been tracked every week for years and our analysis enables an easy comparison of the various FOB markets around the world. Understanding the qualities of the hundreds of export coal brands from Australia to South Africa, Venezuela to Indonesia and China, the prices have been harmonized to a consistent calorific value for ease of comparison and conversion to meet your needs when considering the value of a specific coal brand. There are also CIF price indicators for the major markets of Europe - ARA and Asia.

 e-coal.com Spot Price Indicators are available ready-formatted in Microsoft Excel. A task that would take up expensive time for your company's staff to complete, these data are ready for your company's immediate use at a sensible price. They are essential tools for assisting with price forecasting, trend analysis, business planning, contract negotiation, and more. Use the data to generate your own charts and tables for business presentations - they'll import into Microsoft PowerPoint and Word in seconds.

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